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Resources for Teachers

Resources for Teachers

Thinking about becoming a teacher?
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As a national leader in alternative teacher certification, iteach has a large platform of teacher resources online.

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Alternative Teacher Certification and How It Works

Alternative teacher certification allows those with a passion for teaching and a bachelor’s degree to leverage their practical experience to build careers in education. Not limiting potential teachers to only individuals holding traditional education degrees provides school districts with an expanded pool of qualified candidates to help address the critical teacher shortage.

How Alternative Accreditation Works

iteach’s online teacher certification program has 3 basic steps: Apply, Prepare, Get Hired..


The process to becoming a certified teacher through iteach is simple and streamlined. Get started today by completing an online application in as little as 10 minutes.


Designed by educators for educators, iteach’s teacher certification coursework is inventive, effective, and positions you for real-world success.


iteach is a trusted and respected resource for districts and schools and prepares you for success. We have helped over 15,000 people get rewarding careers as educators. You could be next!

Teacher Certification News and Information

As teachers, we know that continuous learning is the best way to succeed in life and the classroom. We have curated innovative educational tools and helpful resources to support you at every stage of your education journey. From arts and culture to technology and conferences, these accessible online resources keeping you in-the-know on the alternative teacher certification industry and many other topics.

  • Power Series
    Portrait of a Serious Mature Black Man

    The Power of Understanding

    - by iteachus

    “Empathy fuels connection. Sympathy drives disconnection.” – Brené Brown When we seek to empathize with people it requires us to be vulnerable. To get down into the pit with them instead of sympathizing, which disconnects by painting a silver lining on a problem.

  • Persistence
    African American woman working hard at a computer

    The Power of Persistence

    - by iteachus

    A new body, lighter, with wings, and not just any pair of wings, but beautiful wings. That is what a great challenge can do, it can help you take flight. And speaking of flight, have you heard of Icarus and how he flew too close to the sun? Well, that story, according to Seth Godin, was altered to keep people from reaching too high

  • Education
    Pensive child school student with yellow lightbulb and school and childhood supplies design elements. Child ideas and development concept

    The Power of Education

    - by iteachus

    When we look at one of the most powerful ways that we can change our lives and the lives of others, education is at the top of the list. We can educate ourselves and improve our health, our finances, our children and the world we live in.

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