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iteach Alternative Teacher Certification

We train teachers.

Our innovative approach to alternative teacher certification develops the next generation of educators through an intentional combination of coursework, exams, and hands-on field experience.

How We Do It

Trusted and affordable.

Our approach to teacher certification combines flexibility and quality in an industry-leading online curriculum designed by experienced educators. National accreditation combined with flexible payment options, our programs are the most trusted and affordable route to earn your teaching credential.

Simple. Accessible. Affordable. There are no up-front costs and only a simple 4 step process to get started:

  • STARTUP: Free application as well as a free “Professional Learning and the Path to Certification” course included.
  • TESTING: A state-specific proficiency exam is required prior to program eligibility. Exams in content area and pedagogy and professional responsibility are also part of the process. A final PPR or PLT is required at completion.
  • TRAINING: Once approved and enrolled, you can start your self-paced coursework
  • TEACHING: A paid residency (or clinical teaching) is required as part of the program, but iteach doesn’t stop there. We also provide teacher resources to help you get a job, as well as keep you in touch with what’s going on in the world of education.

Why We Do It

We Get You.

As teachers ourselves, we know educators have the ability to change the future by developing the leaders of tomorrow.  The U.S. teacher shortage is impacting our communities. Students are being left behind. Potential is going unrealized. Our programs remove barriers to build a career in education and prepare future educators while keeping focusing on flexibility and affordability.

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Alternative Teacher Certification

iteach is driven by innovators who are leading the way in alternative teacher certification. We are committed to meeting the changing needs of teachers, school districts, and students and removing barriers by delivering you high-quality online curriculum affordably and effectively.

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The process to becoming a certified teacher through iteach is simple and streamlined. You can get started today by completing an online application in as little as 10 minutes.

Prepare for teacher certification


Designed by educators for educators, iteach’s alternative teacher certification online coursework is inventive, effective, and positions you for real-world teaching success.

Get Hired to Teach


iteach is a trusted and respected resource for districts and schools and prepares you for immediate success. We have helped over 15,000 people get rewarding careers as educators. You could be next!

University Partners

iteach has partnered with universities and other organizations to bring more value to our students. Click on the logos to learn more about Chaminade University, Grand Canyon University, and American College of Education.

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iteach Welcomes Enriched Schools

iteach is proud to increase support for our candidates by partnering with one of the nation’s fastest-growing educator placement organizations, Enriched Schools. Whether you are seeking pre-service classroom experience or need assistance in finding a fulltime teaching position, Enriched Schools can provide help (pending their geographical services areas).

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    “All children are born artists, the problem is to remain an artist as we grow up.” — Pablo Picasso.

    Sir Ken Robinson mentions the above quote in his Ted Talk, but he adds his own twist: ““All children are all artists. We don’t grow into creativity, we grow out of it – or rather, we get educated out of it.”

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    “The broken windows theory states that visible signs of disorder and misbehavior in an environment encourage further disorder and misbehavior, leading to serious crimes. The principle was developed to explain the decay of neighborhoods, but it is often applied to work and educational environments.”

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We are proud of our iteach family who work hard to make sure that you become the best teacher you can be.