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January 6, 2023
  • Middle School
  • System-Wide
  • August 31, 2023

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As a Teacher, some of the work and responsibilities will include:

Developing rigorous lessons in your specific content area, in 1:1 blended learning environments, in order to reignite your students for college and beyond while bridging gaps for marginalized communities
Setting ambitious goals with your students and monitoring their progress while encouraging them through frequent and persistent feedback
Tracking student growth and using data and feedback from coaches to create student growth plans when needed for student achievement concerns
Building transformable relationships with students and families by providing regular, and  consistent, communication with parents via phone or video conference, email, or district-approved website
Creating a physical or virtual classroom environment conducive to learning and appropriate for the physical, social, and emotional development of students
Collaborating with co-planner to work through daily lesson plans and add resources when needed to fit students’ needs.
Meeting regular deadlines for daily lesson plans, submitting grades, and work samples
Working on a team of teachers and leaders to provide consistency, support, and accountability to all students
Working with content teams in Professional Development to norm on, and improve student learning
Conducting weekly tutorials outside of regular class day to provide additional instruction and support to students
Completing supervision duties on campus that support student safety including but not limited to morning duty, lunch duty, dismissal, detention, and afterschool duty
Growing professionally in your craft of teaching by both receive and giving feedback on a consistent basis from DOI, School Leader, Administration Team
Persisting in the face of challenges, learning from mistakes, and setting a strong example of character for your students
Being available by phone, email, or video conferencing to confer with campus leaders, collaborators, students, and/or parents

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