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Texas Teacher Certification Program

How the iteach certification program works

Texas Teacher Certification

You can truly MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the lives of others as a teacher and we can partner with you to achieve this dream! iteachTEXAS is the best program, providing the best opportunities.

Use the information below to learn exactly how our certification process works!

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Teacher Certification Process

To help with the online teacher certification process, we have put together various links with the graphics and videos to help walk you through the process. Please click on the links in red for more information.


We have better training, to ensure your classroom readiness, through our online coursework to save you time.  We have the most affordable PRICING STRUCTURE, to save you money.  We provide you the best opportunities to secure the best teaching jobs through our Getting Hired Resources.

iteachTEXAS Program Overview

Teacher Certification Field Experience

Teacher Certification Testing

Enroll. Train. Teach.



Still in college or graduated outside the U.S.?  Please click VIEW ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS and scroll down to the bottom for additional information. How to IDENTIFY CERTIFICATION AREAS.


iteachTEXAS is a better use of your time with our online, self-paced, and competency-based coursework with no timelines or deadlines to impede your progress.


You will need to pass a content test prior to being eligible for hire.  We will help identify this area as well as training for your success.  With our monthly payment plan, you have access to the best test preparation, 240Tutoring, for free!


Once your 3 Pre-Hire courses are completed and your 30 hours of Classroom Observation Hours logged – you are eligible to be hired.

When Can I Get Hired?

You can be eligible for hire within a few weeks from enrollment. You just need to complete the following items:

  1. 30 Hours of Observation Logged
  2. First 3 Courses Completed
  3. Content Test Passed (including all supplemental tests)

Once your 3 pre-hired courses (5100-5300) are completed and your 30 hours of Classroom Observation hours are logged along with your content test(s) passed, you are provided a Statement of Eligibility (SOE) so you can secure a teaching position. 

Texas Teacher
Certification Pricing

iteachTEXAS is the most affordable option with our flexible pricing structure that allows you to begin for $99 and be certified for as little as $4,000.

This PROGRAM FAQ VIDEO will answer our most frequently asked question about the timeline of the program.

Please visit our FACEBOOK page, as the timeline provides valuable information about the iteachTEXAS Program. You can also reach us at 940-383-8100 to discuss further.

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