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Florida Alternative Teacher Certification

Online Teacher Certification Guide

At iteach, our goal is to make teacher certification as simple as possible for you. There are a number of steps that you have to take in order to get your certification, but with this guide, we hope to simplify the process on your journey to success. Enter your name and email to get the guide immediately.

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Online Teacher Certification Program

We understand that you are busy, and traditional teacher certification can be expensive, so iteach created an alternative teaching certification program that allows you to complete your coursework on your own schedule at an affordable price. Our accredited program has certified over 15,000 teachers and prepared them for the classroom. You could be next!


Once you hold an undergraduate degree with a 2.5 GPA, and complete the introductory course, you can enroll into iteach.


Work at your own pace, via our online coursework, complete Pre-Hire Courses, and pass your FCTE Subject area test so you can be eligible for hire.


Teach for one year on a Temporary license with full pay and benefits. Upon successful completion of all program requirements, you will be recommended for your Professional teaching certificate.

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Leave Your Mark – Teach.

Every job has its challenges, however, there are few careers that are as rewarding as being a teacher. Every day that you step into the classroom, you have the opportunity to leave your mark. We are excited to be launching in Florida and allowing more talented individuals that opportunity to step into their very own classroom where they can impact future generations. 

Ready to Get Started?

Begin your overview course now while you investigate teaching and prepare your application. When you are ready to enroll, submit your official transcripts. Within 3 days you will be notified of your acceptance into the program. Once accepted you can enroll in the instructional courses immediately. The full breakdown of the teacher certification process is below.

Start the Teacher Certification Process

Immediately upon completing the free application, you will gain access to your first course: “Professional Learning and the Path to Certification.” You can complete this course while you assemble your application.

On your portal homepage, you will be provided a checklist as a guide for admissions.

One of the first things you will need is to complete the CG10 application with the Florida Department of Education (FLDOE) and submit to our office your Statement of Eligibility (see video).

Florida Teacher Certification Training

Training with iteachFLORIDA begins immediately upon completing the free application and start the overview course, 5000. Once you enroll, complete the following online, competency-based courses at your own pace.

  • 5100 – Learning Environments
  • 5200 – Learner Development
  • 5300 – Planning Instruction and Assessments
  • 5400 – Literacy and 21st Century Instruction
  • 5500 –  Curricular Adaption for Special Needs Students
  • 5600 – Diverse Populations, English Language Learners and Bilingual Students
  • 5800 – Comprehensive Program Review

Within the iteachFLORIDA course curriculum, educators will demonstrate the ability to integrate technology effectively into curricula and instruction  (TEPC 5300 – Planning for Instruction and Assessment, TEPC 5400 –  Literacy, 21st Century Instruction, and Pedagogical Content Knowledge).  The educator will also demonstrate the effective use of technology to collect, manage, and analyze data to improve teaching and learning for the purpose of increasing student academic achievement (TEPC 5700 –  Your Field Experience).


You will complete a one-year (two-semester) paid residency during which time you are employed full time as a teacher in your content field. In this position, you receive the salary and benefits of a first-year teacher.

Complete course 5700, a residency-specific course, during your first year in the classroom.


You must secure your own internship position through the district application/interview process. Prior to interviewing, you are required to be enrolled in the iteachFLORIDA Teacher Preparation Program with TEPC 5300 completed and a content area exam passed.

You may obtain a job placement in any public, charter, or Florida recognized private school.


During the externship (residency), you will be assigned an iteachFLORIDA field supervisor who will make periodic classroom visits and work closely with the campus administration to ensure a successful teaching experience for you.

On this route, you will complete the required 200 clinical hours while you are employed full time in the field of your content area.

You must secure your own externship position through the district application/interview process. To secure a position, iteachFLORIDA will provide you the necessary documents to present to hiring school systems showing your eligibility to teach.

To apply for a position, you would follow the established procedures of the district or school system. This could mean going through the Human Resource office for larger schools or contacting the principal at a local charter school, for example. We encourage you to consider the needs of the districts and schools. It would be more of a challenge to secure a teaching position in an area of low-needs as opposed to high-needs areas.

iteachFLORIDA Teacher Certification Areas

Early Childhood

  • Prekindergarten/Primary (PK-3)


  • Elementary Education (K-6)

Middle School (5th – 9th)

  • English
  • Science
  • Mathematics
  • Social Studies

High School (6th – 12th)

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Social Science (broad field)
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics

All Level (K – 12th)

  • Exceptional Students Education Areas
  • Physical Education

iteachFLORIDA Brings You More Value

We want to help you overcome any obstacles you may face while you are getting certified and beyond. That is why we offer FREE test prep, access to Teaching Channel, and a path to get your master’s degree.

Free Test Prep

When it comes to teacher certification there are some required tests that you have to pass, so let’s make sure you are prepared. We provide Free Test Prep upon enrollment so you can confidently take your tests and pass!

Professional Development

Teaching Channel provides online instructional courses of real teachers teaching in the classroom. And you can use up to 15 hours of Teaching Channel online courses towards your required observation hours.

Master's Pathway

iteach has partnered with American College of Education to help our candidates transfer up to 12 hours of iteach credit towards a master’s degree with ACE.

Lowest Upfront Cost

With the lowest barrier to start and the lowest overall price, iteach provides the greatest value!

iteach brings you more value

We have partnered with 240 Tutoring ($480 Value) and the Teaching Channel ($120 value) so you have access to both resources as part of your iteach payment plan for teacher certification!

Monthly Plan

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