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Washington D.C. Alternative Teacher Certification

Online Teacher Certification Program

Each state has unique requirements for teacher certification. At iteach, we assist our students in meeting the requirements for their state and prepare them to excel in the classroom.

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Who Can Do It

If you have a bachelor’s degree and a passion for teaching, alternative teacher certification may be for you.

Prepare for teacher certification

Flexible Approach

iteach’s innovative online format allows you to complete coursework anytime, anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection.

Get Hired to Teach


Candidates can defer payment for the program until after completion and start paying when they are hired as a teacher. Getting started is simple and affordable.

How Our Teacher Certification Process Works

Every student needs a great teacher. You can be that great teacher, and we can help. Apply for free at any time and begin when you are ready. Within a few weeks from enrollment, you can be in the classroom teaching..


Having an undergraduate degree with a 2.5 GPA, an identified content area, and by passing an introductory course, you can enroll into iteach.


Work at your own pace, via our online coursework and pass your content area test so you can be eligible for hire.


Teach for one year with full pay and benefits.


Upon Successful completion of all program requirements you are issued your standard teaching certificate.


The first step is to complete the on application and submit the application documents to the iteachD.C. office.


Once you have applied and submitted the required admission documents, you may enroll in the program. You are immediately provided access to your first online course.

iteachD.C. offers seven online instructional courses that are designed to prepare you to be an excellent classroom teacher. The courses are self-paced; you can login to complete them at any time, from anywhere.

The courses are written by experienced education experts and are designed to be teacher-friendly and practical. Each course is taken in sequence; you cannot begin your next course until your current one is complete.

View Admission Requirements

Praxis II Subject Exams

iteachD.C. offers certification in six initial certification areas. You must submit at least one Praxis II passing score (in an area below) in order to be eligible for the program.

To learn more about the exams and verify correct test number please visit the ETS website.

The Office of the State Supertendent requires both Praxis CORE and Praxis II exams to be passed for program eligibility. You can find specifics on each test: CLICK HERE (September 2019 OSSE Updates).


  • K-6

High School

  • English (6-12)
  • Social Studies (6-12)
  • General Science (6-12)
  • Mathematics (6-12)

All Level

  • Special Education (Non-Catagorical)

Training Begins Immediately

Training with iteachD.C. begins immediately upon enrollment. You can complete the following online, competency-based courses at your own pace (any time, any where).

Instructional Courses

  • TEPC 5000 – Professional Learning and the Path to Certification
  • TEPC 5100 – Learning Environment
  • TEPC 5200 – Learner Development
  • TEPC 5300 – Planning Instruction and Assessments
  • TEPC 5400 – Literacy and 21st Century Instruction
  • TEPC 5500 – Curricular Adaptation for Special Needs Students
  • TEPC 5600 – Diverse Student Populations, English Language Learners and Bilingual Students

Field Experience Courses

  • TEPC 5700 – The Classroom Teaching Experience
  • TEPC 5800 – Comprehensive Program Review



You will complete a one-year (two semester) paid residency during which time you are employed full time as a teacher in your content field. In this position, you receive the salary and benefits of a first-year teacher.

Complete course 5700, a residency-specific course, during your first year in the classroom.


You must secure your own internship position through the district application/interview process. Prior to interviewing, you are required to be enrolled in the iteachD.C. Educator Preparation Program with EDTC5100 completed and 30 hours of observation logged.

You may obtain a job placement in any public, charter or recognized private school.


During the residency, you will be assigned a supervisor who will make periodic classroom visits and work closely with the campus administration to ensure a successful teaching experience for you.


Some iteachD.C. candidates elect to complete their field experience through a clinical teaching placement. This is an unpaid option similar to “student teaching.” The advantage of a clinical teaching placement is that it allows you to earn your Standard Teaching Certificate in as little as six months.

iteachD.C. offers a 14-week, five-day-a-week, full-day clinical teaching option. Our clinical program, which has limited enrollment period in the fall and spring semester, is designed to provide a placement based on content areas in which you have demonstrated mastery. You must understand that during the clinical teaching time you are under the direction of the classroom cooperating teacher. Failure to follow the directions and guidance of the cooperating teacher will result in release from the program.

Low Cost. More Value. 

Compare for yourself. With iteach, we want to get you prepared for the classroom in the most efficient and affordable route possible. Our plan is designed so that you can start teaching within weeks, with full pay.

iteach brings you more value

We have partnered with 240 Tutoring ($480 Value) and the Teaching Channel ($120 value) so you have access to both resources as part of your iteach payment plan for teacher certification.

Once you enroll in our program, you can immediately begin your observation hours with Teaching Channel and then quickly start studying for your initial exams so you can get hired. With our program you can begin teaching in a matter of weeks with the support of your supervisor and the iteach team of educators cheering you on to success!

Our Cost

$4,250total cost

Application Fee
Enrollment Fee
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Teaching Channel Access
Test Prep
Closest Competitor

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Monthly Payments