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Productivity Schedule

How Teachers Can Get More Done in Less Time

Productivity Schedule: How Teachers Can Get More Done in Less Time
March 29, 2018 iteachus
Being a productive teacher


What do you want to do more of? What do you want to do less of? In this post we will talk about productivity and how a productivity schedule will help you get more out of your day.

When I worked for Tony Jeary I was surprised at how many great tools there are out there for becoming more efficient, but in the process of becoming more efficient you can get bogged down with details. Sometimes I feel like I’m so busy reading about being better at something and improving myself that I don’t have time to put those items into practice.

Tony Jeary created a word called “MOLO”. Tony is a business coach that works with high level executives and helps them maximize their time and productivity. In an initial meeting with a client he asked everyone to make a list of everything that they wanted to do more of and the things that they wanted to do less of. A simple task for sure, but surprisingly few people had ever made this type of list if any.

Tony’s motto is “Clarity. Focus. Execution.” These three words are powerful in that they help you create a starting point for becoming efficient. So where do you begin? Start with creating your MOLO list as a simple way to get clarity on what you really want out of life and then you start working on getting things done – faster. The list should probably be pretty specific so instead of just saying, “I want to spend less time working”, you might say ” I want to spend less time grading papers and more time engaging students.”

Teacher making a list for better productivity

Currently my MOLO list would be: 

  • Less time doing expensive activities, more time doing things that are free
  • Less time with my coworkers outside of work hours, more time with family and friends
  • Less time eating unhealthy processed foods, more time cooking something nutritious.
  • Less time worrying about negative outcomes, more time thinking about the positive opportunities.

I’m the type of person that isn’t very good with structure, I’m a creative type that doesn’t like being constrained by the hands of time. But like a great eating plan or a good budget I’ve learned the power of time/money/food management and enjoy the rewards. I used to think of structure as restrictive, and self-discipline as limiting. I’d get depressed just thinking about a budget or task list, but when you get things in order in your life you realize that you aren’t limiting yourself, you are instead maximizing your life and the pleasures and joys are actually exponentially more rewarding.

Manage Your Time, You Can’t Make More of It.

Taking time to manage your time sounds counterproductive, but it isn’t. Recently I came across the Storybrand Productivity Schedule. Storybrand is an organization that helps businesses maximize their productive similarly to Tony Jeary, but with more tools and resources for individuals. They have created a proven strategy that you can use that will not only help you clarify your goals, but also help you evaluate why you are doing what you are doing.

Productivity Schedule: Why do you do what you do?

Texas Teachers Get Productive with Storybrand Productivity ScheduleFor me, I like to think that the reason I work is so that I can pay my bills, but there is more important work being done. When you are a teacher you aren’t just going to work manufacturing a product, but instead you are often spending more time with students than any other people in their lives. Teachers literally shape the world we live in by educating the leaders of tomorrow. At iteach we believe that it takes special people to be teachers. Teachers are selfless and often give up their own personal time because they care for their students. They spend weekends grading papers and work after hours on lesson plans. But they do it because they care. The StoryBrand Productivity Schedule not only helps you clarify your projects and “To-Do” list, but also helps you understand why you are doing what you do in the first place. What is your life theme? When do you stop and take time to rest? Do you reward yourself? These are all things that I would not have thought about until I started to use the StoryBrand Productivity Schedule.

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