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Below is a small sample of the feedback our teacher candidates have provided iteachTEXAS.

  • I decided to join LE after having taught in elementary classrooms for 16 years. I love the field of education and working at LE gave me the opportunity to continue making an impact on teaching and learning from outside the classroom. What gives me the most joy is seeing teachers’ reactions after they’ve taken a course or watched a webinar and were able to use what they learned to help students. What we do has an incredibly powerful impact on students all over the world! I am proud to be part of a team that works to provide best-in-class, relevant learning experiences and celebrates our superhero educators!

    Marcee Harris
    Marcee HarrisProfessional Learning Specialist, Learners Edge
  • Through my work at Teaching Channel, I love being able to positively impact the growth of educators at every point in their career. I find joy and inspiration in the diversity of my work designing, providing, and promoting flexible professional learning options for others, and knowing the impact that has students.

    Cherry S. Thompson
    Cherry S. ThompsonRegional Vice President, Teaching Channel
  • Learner’s Edge and iteach US is a company that fosters the development of the whole teacher. We apply a critical lens to an educator’s content, so that they will do the same for American students. As a former teacher and principal, making the choice to join the Learner’s Edge was simple because we both know that at the heart of every great classroom, is a great teacher.

    Kimberly Thaggard Ph.D.
    Kimberly Thaggard Ph.D.Western Region Program Director, iteach
  • I love working at Learners Edge and consider myself very lucky to be part of this company. Education has always been a huge passion of mine and working with educators to help reach their professional and educational goals is something I take pride in.  I love the work/life balance LE offers and the relationships I have developed over the years with my co-workers.  I truly enjoy what I do each day and have fun doing it. I’m very happy to call Learners Edge my work home!

    Katie Dammann
    Katie DammannLearners Edge
  • I like the dedicated people I work with and the great collaboration we share in developing creative solutions and improving the experiences of our customers on our website.

    Joel Patros
    Joel PatrosLearners Edge
  • Before working for iteach full time I worked for them for years as a freelance marketer and designer. Secretly I wanted to work for them full time and that dream became a reality in February of 2021. It is nice to focus all of my attention and passion into one area that I love – education. Being part of the iteach, Teaching Channel and Learners Edge family has been very rewarding. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community I love working for a company that supports diversity and inclusion. This is a great place to work!

    Eddie Renz (He/Him)
    Eddie Renz (He/Him)Director of Marketing, iteach

Becoming a Certified Texas Educator Through an Alternative Certification Program

Our commitment to excellence is re ected in iteachU.S. being the rst and only teacher preparation program that is not a liated with a college or university to be accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE).

While all teacher certification programs in a state, including ours, must be approved by the state to offer teacher certi cation, NCATE is an optional accreditation that reflects a program’s adherence to the highest standards of training and professional mentorship for new teachers.

With iteachTEXAS you can rest assured that we have worked very hard to provide you with an excellent online certification program that will help you excel as a teacher.