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Texas Pricing & Fees

iteachTEXAS Online Teacher Certification Price Options

iteach brings you more value

We have partnered with 240 Tutoring ($480 Value) and the Teaching Channel ($120 value) so you have access to both resources as part of your iteach payment plan for teacher certification! (Not available with the deferred plan.)

Monthly Plan

$4,000Total Cost

PROGRAM COST: $4000.00
Deferred Plan

$4,500Total Cost

PROGRAM COST: $4500.00

Your Pricing Plans in Detail

Deferred Plan – $4,500 Total Cost

$250.00 to start. The Program Fee ($4,250) is deferred until hired. Once hired, you will begin paying the Program Fee through monthly, interest-free payments.

*This option will result in the highest monthly payments at approximately $475 per month once hired.

Monthly Plan – $4,000 Total Cost

$99.00 to start and a $99 monthly fee. This option provides a $500 discount from the Deferred Plan. Once hired you will begin paying monthly, interest-free payments on your remaining balance.

*This option will result in lower monthly payments at approximately no greater than $400 per month once hired.

Other Certification Costs

Some fees are paid directly to other companies or state agencies. These fees are not included in the total cost of iteachTEXAS.

  • Certification Exam – $116 (additional fees may apply)

  • Background Check / Fingerprinting – $52.20
  • Intern Certificate – $78
  • PPR Test – $116
  • Standard Certificate – $78
  • Learners are required to obtain and read one book:

    • Hollie, S. (2011). Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Teaching and Learning: Classroom Practices for Student Success. Huntington Beach, CA: Shell Education. (Amazon ~$26)

    Depending on your area of hire, additional textbooks may be required.

    There are many sources available to prepare to pass your subject area exam. Some of these resources do charge a fee. Any fee charged by a third-party company is not included in the total cost of iteachTEXAS.

    Program Pricing Comparison

    iteachTEXAS $4,000
    Texas Teachers $4,680
    ECAP $4,500
    Inspire Texas $5,575

    What You Get With iteachTEXAS

    The iteach program provides unlimited access to self-paced online training courses and other important information to prepare you for your online certification exams and for when you start teaching.


    Comprehensive training program for all of our students

    Personal Support

    Ongoing personal support from our Program Advisors

    Education Plan

    A personalized education plan to track your progress toward certification

    No Additional Fees

    No additional program fees until you begin teaching.


    Documentation, resources and support for your job search

    Respected by Schools

    We have an outstanding track record with schools that use our teachers