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Why iteach?

iteachNEVADA is the most affordable, most convenient, and most proven route to the classroom.

Made for teachers, by teachers.

Fourteen years ago a single mother of four boys, a teacher by trade, created iteach to pave a new path for those with the heart to teach to be hired as classroom teachers. This new path would be affordable, accommodating, and accredited.


The lowest cost route to certification in the state. The total cost is $4,250.00 and you pay nearly all of it only after you earn a teaching position. If you do not get hired, you do not pay us.


Our coursework is 100% online. It is 100% self-paced. And it is 100% competency-based. Gone are the days of busy work and required attendance. You can complete the coursework whenever, from wherever.


Not only are we approved by the Nevada Department of Education, we worked for over three years earning national accreditation. We remain the first and only non-university ever to earn national accreditation.


Praxis PLT Pass Rate

3-Year Retention

Diverse Enrollment

Our Goal: Your Certification

We understand at the end of the day, our program is about getting you certified to teach. To that end, apart from the focus we place on your experience through our program, we work tirelessly to form and maintain relationships with schools across the state.

District Partnerships

Creating district and school partnerships is at the core of facilitating your ability to be hired. Before you walk into an interview, it is our job to educate that school on the quality applicant you are because you are enrolled in iteachNEVADA. Partnerships with districts like Washoe County and Clark County provide increased opportunity for your employment

Searchable Database

We have hundreds enrolled in our program and schools needed even more than that for this upcoming school year. Providing an easy way to connect our pool to those schools in need serves both the districts and our teacher candidates. If a school has a need, then we can immediately find high quality teachers to submit resumes and schedule interviews.

Leave Your Mark

Teachers have the ability to change the future. Our students of today will be the leaders of tomorrow. Becoming a teacher is a great way to change the lives of individuals and leave a personal mark on tomorrow.

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  • Hollis
    "iTEACH saved me from having the educational establishment's door being closed in my face because I wasn't an education major---giving me an alternative solution; therefore, I chose to attend iTEACH because of the flexibility of coursework and the immediate follow up of fieldwork, which was professional and consistent." - Hollis
  • Chalyn
    "I am extremely grateful for the ease of achieving my certification. The payment arrangements were especially helpful. I am thankful for the friendly and professional staff and for the instructional content." - Chalyn
  • Natalie
    "iteach made it so easy and convenient to obtain my alternative certification. I read all coursework and completed all assignments online while working full time. The interest-free monthly tuition payment option was very helpful. My field supervisor was very kind. I was working as a paraeducator at my school, and the iteach program allowed me to be hired as a teacher, more than doubling my salary. I can honestly say iteach changed my life for the better." - Natalie
  • Katie
    "My certification experience with iTeach was wonderful. I appreciated the prompt answers to questions and always being greeted by a human when I called. I have recommended the iTeach program to at least 6 teachers seeking certification. Two have completed the program, two are currently in the program,and two will apply soon."  - Katie

Hollis’s Story

I was a newly divorced mother of five with no idea what to do with my degree because law school was out. I had no backup plan. I decided to give iTEACH a try. iTEACH gave me something that a traditional college wouldn’t have, flexibility. And, although the program was primarily online, I still marveled at the fact that the founder, administration, course teacher, and field operator were easily and readily accessible, which made my experience all the more satisfactory. Because of the great experience, I was able to follow through to fruition with my new aspiration, teaching.

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What Makes iteach Different?

iteach is the only educator preparation program in the U.S. that combines a unique online format with a flexible payment plan and national accreditation. Plus, iteach is led by innovators who are committed to lifelong learning. The educational world is evolving quickly, but as iteach grows to meet changing needs, the program just keeps getting better.

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