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Teach in Clark County

a step by step guide

Complete the ARL requirements.

Before you can complete a job application with Clark County, you must first earn an ARL Completion Certificate.

iteachNEVADA will give you an ARL Completion Certification once the following are complete:

  1. Enroll in iteachNEVADA
  2. Complete first 4 courses
  3. Demonstrate basic skills competency (CBEST, Praxis CORE, etc.)
  4. Demonstrate subject area competency (Praxis II subject exam – except for Elementary)
  5. Demonstrate of Classroom Experience (either through previous experience or CCSD Practicum)

Demonstration of Classroom Experience

In order to receive your ARL Certificate from iteach, you are required to spend some time in the classroom. This can be completed 1 of 2 ways.

1) Previous Classroom Experience

Previous experience as a teacher aide, substitute teacher or paraprofessional (in any state) can be used to satisfy this requirement of CCSD. In order to demonstrate this required Classroom Experience, you would need a reference from the principal of the school in which you completed the experience.


2) Practicum

During this time, you will be observed by an iteach trained supervisor who will become your Field Supervisor Reference on the Clark County application.

There are two ways to complete the Practicum requirement.

1) Clinical Placement

This route will be completed in conjunction with Clark County schools. You will notify iteachNEVADA of your desire to complete a Clinical Placement and iteach will coordinate with your school for placement. If you would like to complete a clinical placement, please follow these steps.

  1. Complete Clinical Placement Request Form
  2. Receive placement
  3. Be observed by iteach Field Supervisor
  4. Complete associated lesson in TEPC 5300

2) Longterm Substitute

This route will be completed by your completing the Substitute application and securing a position as a longterm substitute with CCSD. After a successful longterm substitute placement, it may be possible to convert your substitute position into a full time teacher of record. Please follow these steps.

  1. Substitute Application on CCSD
  2. Earn position
  3. Be observed by iteach Field Supervisor
  4. Complete associated lesson in TEPC 5300

Once completed, you will be able to download your ARL Certificate from your iteach portal.

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Application to CCSD and Apply for Jobs

Clark County Schools make it super easy for you to get in their hiring pool! You simply complete an application on their website. The initial application takes about 60 seconds to complete. From there you can simply login at your leisure to complete the information and upload the necessary documents.

Below is a 9 minute video to walk you through the entire process.

Apply to Teach.Vegas

The first step to get in the the CCSD is to apply at Teach.Vegas.

Once you click the red apply button you will be taken to the first application screen. Make sure to click “Create Account.” 

When you click the “Create Account” you will immediately need to select “Standard Login.” Next, walk through one more page to complete the application. For account type on application, select “Licensed.”

Upload Documents

Once you have completed the basic application, you will need to upload specific documents to your account.



Score Report

 ARL Certificate


*Your transcripts can be unofficial at this stage. When you apply for your certificate with the DOE they will require official transcripts.

You can view a tutorial on how to upload documents in the video above, 3:02 minute mark.

Submit References

You will need to provide references from the following individuals:

  • ARL Supervisor, and
  • Cooperating Teacher, or
  • Campus Administrator

If you complete the clinical placement you will provide references from your ARL Supervisor and Cooperating Teacher.

If you complete the substitute position you will provide reference from your ARL supervisor and Campus Administrator.

Apply for Positions

Once you have completed the CCSD application, you can login and look for teaching positions. You can apply for as many teaching positions as you are qualified for!

When you find a job, you can click on the listing and then the big blue button that says “Apply for the job.”

After you apply, principals will review applications and begin contacting you for an interview.


Congratulations on getting an interview! You have put in the necessary work to earn an ARL certificate and you have applied on the CCSD website. It is all leading to this moment for you to shine.

Remember these three things when interviewing for the positions:

  1. Smile – This might sound simple, but it conveys a positive demeanor that principals love!
  2. Prepare – Know the school you are applying for. (Find a list of schools here) What is their mascot? Why are they a magnet school? Show the principal you care about their school.
  3. Be Confident – Exuding confidence gives reason for the principal to have confidence in you. You have put in the work, you have passed the exam, you deserve a fair shot at this job!

Don’t be shy, sell yourself!


If you need help with your resume, please take a moment to look at our 5 minute guide to creating a resume.

It shouldn’t be confusing or overwhelming.

Click Here for 5 Minute Resume Builder

Recommended for Hire

After you are successful in the interview the principal will recommend you for hire. At this time the CCSD HR office will email you with next steps.

Some principals may request you sign a candidate reservation letter. Please note that if you sign this document you are accepting the position offered and need to discontinue interviewing for other positions.

Nevada Teaching License

After you have been hired, you will need to apply for your ARL License with the Nevada Department of Education.

First, download and print the Initial Application Form: Click Here for the Initial Application Form

With the form in hand, you will provide the DOE the following documents.

 Initial Application Form


Score Report

 ARL Certificate


There is a fee of $180.00 for issue the ARL License. Good news though! This includes the fingerprinting fee.

When you pay the fee and provide the above documents, you will be provided an authorization to Live Scan form (fingerprinting) that you will bring to CCSD to complete. The fingerprinting process allows CCSD to complete background check.

IMPORTANT: You will need to scan and upload your receipt from the DOE to your CCSD application portal.

Teaching Contract

After you have applied for your teaching license and completed the background check the school can present you with your official teaching contract!

You will begin teaching and have the ability to teach on your ARL Teaching License for up to 3 years. Before the end of the 3rd year, you must convert your license to a Standard License to remain in the classroom.

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