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Functional Communications Teacher

Functional Communications Teacher
June 16, 2022 mary_decker
  • Elementary
  • Austin, Texas
  • August 8, 2022

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Functional Communication Class (FCC) – Elementary

Functional Communication classes are designed to provide a highly structured instructional program for students with disability condition(s) whose academic, communication and behavioral needs cannot be met in other settings.


The focus of instruction in the Functional Communication Class is to provide:

A behavioral  approach to language acquisition (assumes students do not acquire language “incidentally”, i.e., just be being around others).  The Functional Communication Classroom uses the Verbal Behavior Milestones Assessment and Placement Program to assess and design an individualized intervention program for each student.

A high degree of classroom structure (physical, academic and behavioral) to provide opportunities for 1:1 instruction at the acquisition level.

Emphasis on the development of effective communication skills through specialized, direct instruction based on the principles of applied behavior analysis and Skinner’s analysis of verbal behavior.  This includes, but is not limited to, high rates of reinforcement, fast-paced instruction, discrete trial training and a behavioral approach to the acquisition of language. The daily schedule of activities includes intensive teaching trials with carefully arranged contingencies (prompting, fading, careful shaping, transfer of stimulus control use of motivating operation, differential reinforcement, etc.)

To provide TEKS based instruction at a pre-requisite level for students with significant cognitive disabilities and similar learning profiles using evidence-based strategies.  The FCC classroom uses the same TEKS based instruction curriculum as the Functional Academic Classroom.

Management of behavior resulting from significant communication deficits through an individualized Behavior Intervention Plan recognizing that many children with developmental disorders exhibit strong and persistent negative behaviors that impede teaching and learning.

Social skills development recognizing the importance of language development in the demonstration of social skills.  It is important to note that a significant component of social behavior involves verbal behavior, and if a child cannot request, respond with intraverbal answers to the requests of others, or serve as the listener, social interactions will be limited.

Assisting each student in developing functional self-help/personal care skills.

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