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Louisiana Admission Requirements

Louisiana Admission Requirements

To enroll in the iteachLOUISIANA program, you must provide documentation of the following:

Your degree must be from a nationally or regionally accredited institution of higher education as required by the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education and the Louisiana Administration Code.
You can verify accreditation on the Database of Accredited Postsecondary Institutions and Programs: DAPIP

This will be determined in one of the following ways:
– Minimum 2.50 GPA (your undergraduate GPA as posted on conferred degree transcript), or
– Minimum 2.50 GPA in the last 60 hours. Click here for a calculator (requires Microsoft Excel)
Your graduating GPA must be calculated and posted by the university on your official transcripts. If your final transcript does not reflect a graduation GPA, you will need to contact your college Registrar’s office to have a letter typed on University letterhead that includes your GPA sent in with your official transcripts.
WAIVER: If your GPA does not meet minimum standards, you can submit a GPA request form to be reviewed for program admission. Any waiver provided would be granted on a per candidate basis after a complete review of the application.

You are required to have passed the Praxis I (CORE) exam in order to be eligible for the program. However, there are 3 ways in which you may be exempt from this requirement. If you have completed one of the following, you are not required to have Praxis I (CORE) passed. The eligible exemptions are:
– Hold a graduate (master’s) degree from a Regionally Accredited University.
– ACT Composite score of 22, or higher
– SAT combined verbal and math score of 1100 or higher (New SAT) or 1030 or higher (pre-March 2016 SAT)

In addition to meeting the basic admissions requirements, you have at least one Praxis II exam passed for enrollment. While you can continue to test once enrolled, having one exam passed is required to begin.  You can find more information about both the Praxis I (CORE) and Praxis II exam on the ETS webpage.

The state of Louisiana requires foreign transcripts to be evaluated by an approved evaluation company that follows the standards of the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO) for evaluation. You will be required to submit the official evaluation to iteachLOUISIANA for admissions. You may refer to the following website for a list of approved agencies.
View Approved Agencies Although there are several agencies that you may choose from, iteach has a working relationship with SpanTran evaluation company. You may use this application to apply for your international transcript evaluation: SpanTran Application for iTeach. The application comes with a discount and will be sent directly to iTeach free of charge.” The evaluation must include a U.S. equivalency for each credential, a course-by-course analysis, and a GPA of credit hours.

Applicants must also:
– Have a personal e-mail account and access to a personal (not school) computer.
– Add to your contacts list.
– Demonstrate professionalism during all written correspondence and oral communication with iteachLOUISIANA.

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