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Texas Teacher Certification Update

No Content Test Required*

Texas Teacher Certification Waiver
June 8, 2020 Eddie Renz
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Texas Teaching Certification Waiver

Governor Abbott has provided flexibility for issuing the Intern Certificate, to first-year teachers, by removing the requirement of passing a content test

Candidates who are admitted into iteachTEXAS but have not passed a content test will be eligible for the one-year Intern Certificate.  

Under this wavier, teacher candidates will be certified and able to complete their two-semester internships, districts will be able to hire interns, and programs will be able to prepare and support candidates who have not passed their TExES content test.

The flexibility provided by Governor Abbott’s waiver also creates the ability for candidates who are completing an internship, clinical teaching, or a practicum in the 2020/2021 school year to complete these experiences in a virtual setting. Districts can employ teachers in a virtual setting while allowing programs to prepare and support teachers.

The waiver is extended through October 1, 2020 for the Intern Certificate. The candidate must have their Intern Certificate issued by October 1 without the content test passed.

Virtual Job Fairs for Teachers

virtual job fairs for teachersTo help meet your needs, we will be hosting virtual job fairs on June 23rd and July 8th for our new pool of eligible candidates; please contact John Omelan at to sign up for your booth at the job fair by June 16th.

While we update our technology to release the Statement of Eligibility, to our candidates without the content test passed, please email Kay Clark at for SOEs.

Additionally, if you need a list of eligible teachers, please click on this link:

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