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  • Teacher Resources
    A multi-ethnic group of adult women are posing for a group photo together. They are in a health center, and they are wearing sports clothing.

    Women’s History Month

    - by Eddie Renz

    What would happen if we included more and more diverse stories of American women in American history–and young girls begin to see themselves in the curriculum they study?

  • Teacher Resources
    Teacher Burnout

    Teacher Burnout Resources for You

    - by Eddie Renz

    Even the best teachers, the cream of the crop, get tired. There are days when our passion ebbs but doesn’t flow. Or, maybe we’re searching, we’re digging deep, but you can’t even find even an ounce of drive.

  • Classroom Management
    Two young boys and businessmen dressed in suits and glasses sit at a desk with a homemade lie detector machine. This serious interview is conducted in an office and the machine is predicting a lie from the job candidate. Dishonesty will eventually catch up to you.

    The Truth About Lying

    - by Eddie Renz

    “People who lie repeatedly often have a desire to be in control. When the truth of a situation doesn’t agree with such control, they produce a lie that does conform to the narrative they desire.”

  • iteachLIVE

    Best Advice for Current and Incoming Teachers

    - by Eddie Renz

    On iteach LIVE, 6th grade social studies teacher Nyle Fuentes-Cousain explains how teaching is more than just a professional craft. iteach provides online teacher certification helping talented individuals become excellent teachers.

  • Become a Great Teacher
    Focused young african american businesswoman or student looking at laptop holding book learning, serious black woman working or studying with computer doing research or preparing for exam online

    Context is King

    - by Eddie Renz

    “In everyday talk we often hear people talking about the importance of not taking something out of context. This is wise advice. Nothing exists, and therefore can be understood, in isolation from its context, for it is context that gives meaning to what we think and do.”

  • Communication
    Young African-American woman sitting with her pet dog and using laptop at home

    Know Thyself. A Guide for Teachers to Better Understand Themselves and Others

    - by Eddie Renz

    Various personality tests can help us understand ourselves better. When we understand ourselves better, how we learn, how we interact with the world around us, it will help us overcome obstacles and even deal with conflict in a more harmonious way.