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    Young man anticipating results on a laptop.

    What is Confirmation Bias?

    - by iteachus

    Confirmation Bias is: “bias that results from the tendency to process and analyze information in such a way that it supports one’s preexisting ideas and convictions.”

  • Coronavirus
    Students Wearing Masks in the Classroom

    How COVID-19 Will Change Teaching and Education

    - by iteachus

    Summer is here and we have a little breathing room before classes are supposed to return full swing in the fall. So what will that look like?

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    Pensive child school student with yellow lightbulb and school and childhood supplies design elements. Child ideas and development concept

    The Power of Education

    - by iteachus

    When we look at one of the most powerful ways that we can change our lives and the lives of others, education is at the top of the list. We can educate ourselves and improve our health, our finances, our children and the world we live in.