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Sharon Phillips

Applicant Advisor

Sharon joined the iteachTEXAS team in January 2021 as the Applicant Advisor.  Her years of experience working with Texas educators in a former role have intrigued her and have sparked a passion for her wanting to make a positive difference in teachers’ lives and by extension in schools across Texas.  She absolutely loves connecting with people and helping them navigate the application process.  Sharon gets the pleasure of hearing amazing stories of people wanting to become teachers, of hopes and life-long dreams of stepping into a classroom, and of giving back to their communities.  Her favorite part of her job is helping someone take their very first step toward their dream, knowing so many young lives will be affected by it.
Sharon graduated from St. Thomas University in Houston, TX where she resides with her two furbabies.  She enjoys running, sleeping, cooking one-pot meals, and being outside with her dogs.